Re: Where did GRUB put my Windows bootloader?

From: Mike Oliver (
Date: 03/06/05

Date: Sat, 05 Mar 2005 21:13:40 -0600

John Hasler wrote:

> Ryan Reich writes:
>>I don't think Grub will work if you wipe the Linux partitions.
> By "wipe" he probably means "delete". That, of course, does not delete any
> of the data.

Not sure just what you're saying here. If I delete the partition
(from the partition table), of course it would be because I'm
planning to put something else there instead.

But I'm not asking just about whether GRUB will work. I
want to make sure I can still boot *Windows*. I assume
that when I boot Windows, what happens is that GRUB
daisy-chains to the Windows bootloader code, wherever
it was moved when I installed GRUB. But I don't know
where it was moved.

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