Re: When Longhorn release, Linux got killed.

From: Harold Stevens (wookie_at_deuce.localdomain)
Date: 04/29/05

Date: Fri, 29 Apr 2005 00:18:54 -0000

In <> Tony Lawrence:


> I'm not entirely sure what you are saying..

Another drooling microsmurf, looking for a free Doze clone. They can FOAD.

> No matter what whizbang crapola Longhorn


we have in part:

   Microsoft unveiled NGSCB, formerly codenamed Palladium, in 2002, and
   published a beta in October 2003. The security technology has since
   undergone several changes.

   Although initially intended to ship as part of Longhorn, the secure
   compartments have now been pulled from the platform and will be
   released later.

   Microsoft has kept quiet about the changes in the program. The company
   cancelled a session at WinHEC about technology titled "How to build
   NGSCB-enabled systems," replacing it with a session called "How to
   build in support for secure startup."

   A spokeswoman for Microsoft claimed that the session title was changed
   because the new title better reflected the revised content.

   Meanwhile, Microsoft has launched a logo program at WinHEC dubbed
   "Ready PC," indicating that a system is capable of running Longhorn.
   The logo tells users looking to buy a computer prior to the Longhorn
   launch whether a new system is able to switch to the upcoming
   operating system.

Isn't that just precious?

M$: if they weren't a nest of vipers, they'd be hilarious.

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