Re: Linux Dealt a DEATH BLOW by Apple !!!!!!!

From: Roger Leigh (${rleigh}
Date: 06/07/05

Date: Tue, 07 Jun 2005 21:35:00 +0100

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WWDC <> writes:

> Liam Slider <> wrote:
>> > yes, people can buy a mac now or wait, it won't matter to customers
>> > either way since once the Intel hardware ships in 2006, software will
>> > have universal binaries so it will run either way. If it doesn't have
>> > the intel based binary, it will still run on intel hardware through the
>> > Rosetta/Transitive method. steve showed apps running that hadn't been
>> > complied for Intel but were running on an Intel mac. they work just fine.
>> Yeah, sure, but all the *new* software will be written for the *new*
>> Macs within a short while....leaving the *old* Macs in the cold. Forcing
>> an inevitable hardware upgrade within a fairly short time. Thus, the
>> hardware glut. Boon to Linux.
> new software? why do you need new software? haven't you watched the
> keynote?????? No, old or new mac hardware will run software for years to
> come. it's not a "all or nothing" situation. watch the keynote.

But eventually it will reach the end of line, and support will cease.
Developers will produce x86-only binaries, and ppc-based Macs will be
left in the cold. This is the fate of all proprietary software, but
anyone buying a new ppc-based Mac will be doing so in the full
knowledge that the product is already no longer part of Apple's future

Free software operating systems, such as GNU/Linux and FreeBSD will
not suffer from such a fate: their destiny is not subject to the whims
of a single company, and so I can be certain that I will be able to
run an up-to-date Debian system on my Mac well after Apple have ceased
all PPC development.


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