Re: Firefox autocomplete

From: Vwakes (
Date: 06/23/05

Date: Thu, 23 Jun 2005 21:14:17 +0530

On Mon, 20 Jun 2005 Yvan@office and UNEXPECTED_DATA_AFTERYvan@officewrote:

> I am using firefox 1.0.4 for my browsing, and have a small problem
> with auto-complete (or what's it called).
> When I visit a page that requires some data to be entered, if I click
> on field where I have to enter data (username for instance), I get a
> list with data (usernames) I entered in the past. Now that is OK, as I
> sometimes forget what username I used on that particular page, and
> have to look in my notebook. But if I mistyped sometime in the past,
> and if I have multiple accounts there (like Gmail), list is too long.
> Does someone knew where firefox stores this data, so I can edit that
> file (I do not want to erase all data, I knew that I can do that)?

Did you try 'Preferences > Privacy > Saved Passwords > View Saved

The list should contain all the account names and passwords.