Re: Using Fedora as a fileserver for XP boxes

From: Michael Heiming (
Date: 08/30/05

Date: Tue, 30 Aug 2005 21:42:44 +0200

In comp.os.linux.misc Celia <CeliaP@..>:
> I have a network with 4 XP boxes and a windows 2000 server acting as a
> fileserver.

> I'd like to replace the windows 2000 machine with a Fedora Core 4 machine.

I'd suggest against FC4, you want to run a distro with long
patches/support availability, redhat enterprise (4.0) or one of
the free "clones" CentOS/etc if you want rh.

> What file system should I use to store my 200+ gigs of files?

> It appears that linux can't confidently do write operations on an NTFS
> drive, and FAT32 can't handle >4 gigs per file.

> Can I just format an ext3 drive and use samba to access (read/write) the
> files from my XP clients?

Yep, the fs on your server doesn't matter to the clients they are
using it through samba network shares. Good idea to plan on
backup and if you want/need raid on the server.

Good luck

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