Re: How to display the linux distribution name?

From: Michael Heiming (
Date: 08/30/05

Date: Tue, 30 Aug 2005 21:50:40 +0200

In comp.os.linux.misc Rolf Arne Schulze <>:
> On 30 Aug 2005 07:52:50 GMT, Blinky the Shark wrote:
>> Bruce wrote:
>>> I want to see the linux distribution name, such as Redhat 9, Redhat ES
>>> 3, SuSE Enterprise 9. What is the command?
>> What Davide said, but I did find a list that claims to show some common
>> filenames for this. The one listed for Mandrake did, indeed, provide
>> this information:
>> [blinky@thurston quarrantine]$ less /etc/mandrake-release
>> Mandrake Linux release 9.2 (FiveStar) for i586

> I think I have found the distribution name in /etc/issue on most of
> the linux distros I have tried. I can't say if it is there on all of
> them, though.

It's not unlikely the contents of issue(.net) have been modified
by the admin to display some legal warning or whatever.

The most reliable to find out seem to be one or more out of:

 cat /etc/*release
 cat /etc/*version
 lsb_release -d

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