Re: How to recover symlinks for debian???
Date: 09/28/05

Date: 28 Sep 2005 09:04:14 -0700

Peter T. Breuer schrieb:

> wrote:
> > I accidently delete all symbolic links in my /etc/ directory. I know
> > that's really stupid.
> > I'm using debian/sarge. Does somebody know how I could recreated all
> > the symbolic links, which got lost?
> Reinstall the package that supplied them. I imagine ssysvysv init accunts
> for most! Ask your package manager.
> Peter

Hi Peter,

I used alread dpkg-reconfigure on allmost all the important base
packages, but the symlinks do not show up.

You mean I should remove and reinstall the packes completely? Not just
reconfigure them?

I'm a little bit worried as it seems that I can't use dselect anymore
to install over the net. I get strange errors I guess due to the
missing links...

The only thing I could get back are the alternative links, by running
update-alternatives. That restore them.

The biggest problem is that I do not even know which links to restore
because I deleted ALL symlinks in etc.