OOo-2.0rc1 and nfs

From: John Thompson (
Date: 10/08/05

Date: Sat, 08 Oct 2005 01:05:08 GMT

I'm having a problem with OOo-2.0rc1 and one of my computers. I have a
home network with NIS authentication and shared home directories via nfs.
I just installed OOo-2.0rc1 and find it works well, except one machine
(vectorlinux-4.3; kernel-2.6.9) seems to be giving me problems --
OOo-2.0rc1 cannot read or write documents over nfs *on this one machine
only*. OOo-2.0rc1 can browse the nfs mounted filesystem, see the
filenames, but fails with "General input/output error accessing
[whatever.file]" when I try to open them. If I copy these files to a
local filesystem, this exact same installation of OOo-2.0rc1 on the very
same machine can open, read, write, save, whatever with no problems. But
over nfs it cannot. My other linux machines (Xandros-3.0.2-OCE, kernel
2.6.11; Fedora Core 1, kernel 2.4.29) with OOo-2.0rc1 installed from the
same downloaded package can read/write/open/save/whatever over nfs and
locally. And OOo-1.1.5 running on the problematic machine can
read/write/open/save/whatever over nfs as well, even with the same files
OOo-2.0rc1 refuses to deal with on the same machine at the same time.

Vectorlinux -- problematic machine -- is slackware based, but since
OOo-2.0rc1 is only avauilable as a package of rpms I installed using rpm.

Xandros-3.0.2-OCE is Debian based, but once again I used rpm to install --
but it worked here.

Fedora Core 1 is rpm based and worked fine as well.

Any ideas?

-John (