Re: ftp security tips?
Date: 11/11/05

Date: 10 Nov 2005 20:03:25 -0800

Michael Heiming wrote:
> Err, that was pretty good advice! Won't count the hours wasted
> searching until getting to the point, that mostly all docs needed
> are already on my box.
May be, but there have been countless times I've started with a MAN and
had no idea what in the world it was saying. Then I find some Web site
where someone explains the basics of the program I'm trying to figure
out in clear language. THEN the man becames useful to me.
Some docs are written very well, some are written leaving me with less
of an idea of what to do with the program/binary/whatever than when I

> Let's see, have vsftpd on the box and I'd strongly suggest this
> instead of wu-ftpd.
I was just looking at Linux security books at B&N tonight, and nearly
all of them also recommended vsftpd and explained how to install and
configure it.
We're using a RedHat ES2 server set up my Rackspace (managed server
farm) so it starts out having whatever default ftp server it comes
with. I'll need to disable that and install vsftpd.
Thanks for the greater recommendation of it.

> Generally a good idea if you want to master a Linux system, learn
> the systems package manager and use it. If you'd like to get
> closer with it, learn how to rebuild and finally how to build own
> packages from scratch. There's no rocket science involved, but
> basic administration.
OK, good to know. I'll certainly look into that! I've generally on
dealt with "rpm -Uihv" and that's it. I've actually become more
comfortable with using source code and running the usual ./configure,
make, make install as that nearly always works flawlessly (with the
ocassional need to install a prereq') while I seem to have often
problems with an RPM not working quite right.
Yum has also started to be a nice tool as well.

Thanks for the feedback!

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