Re: Firefox only connects after a ping

Rick H wrote:
> I wonder if any of you kind people could please solve a little
> mystery for me?
> Having finally got Debian Sarge installed to my near satisfaction
> (what a trauma that was!) I'm now able to connect to whatever
> website I feel like from Konqueror. Firefox, however, simply
> times out after a while, as does apt-get and tin.
> I've found out that if I ping the domain-name in question
> from a bash shell and THEN connect to it with firefox, it
> does connect. Same with apt-get and tin.

> b) What do I need to twiddle to enable firefox/apt-get/tin
> to connect without doing a ping.

In Firefox, disable ipv6. Go to about:config and scroll down to the
network section and disable ipv6

Is your router configured for DHCP, or have you got a static IP address?

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