Re: Setting up beginnings.

Grant wrote:

On Sun, 01 Jan 2006 03:36:18 GMT, Poly-poly man <pyrophobicman@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Doing something [ OK ]

Just eye-candy ;)

where "Doing Something" is setting up hardware, network, hostname, timezone, etc.

The problem is that my new system doesn't do this.
So none of those things set up.

No, that's the redhat/fedora hand-holding

How do I get this to happen.

install redhat / fedora? :)

Tia, poly-p man

For all you linux users that think you're gurus and are not quite thinking of LFS, try it. It's free, and I guarantee you'll learn a lot.

Slackware!  Just Works...  Mostly ;-)

I meant that things like my hostname aren't set up automagically. I don't care about the "eye candy" (which appears in the LiveCD, oddly enough), I just want my new os to boot usably. I basically want something similar to a good FC4 minimal install, or an old redhat without X. The thing is, I want to build everything, i don't want a distro.

poly-p man