Re: is something wrong in it?

In comp.os.linux.misc, on Fri 06 January 2006 18:27, Rita
<ritu_minda@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> I have RedHat linux 3.2.
> I installed a server Called Mfold 3.2 on my computer.
> But I think it has some problam.
> Bcoz when in that directory I write mfold
> then I get command not found.
> though I write ./mfold
> it give me some information about mfold.
> How I can use this mfold Command.
> May be I am not able to express my question so well so if somebody has
> any question just let me know?
> Thanks.

1 Please stop multi posting the same enquiry

2 Please read the answers in the other thread(s) that you started

3 Please try to understand the answers that you were given, or if you
have problems with them ask specific questions about what you have not

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