Re: start X11 app on second X11 screen/virtual console

g18c@xxxxxxxxxxx writes:

>Hi, i would like to run an X11 app on startup... simple request but
>after a bit of diggin i have hit a problem with my very newbie skills
>(or lack thereof!)

Why? Since there is noone to see it why would you want to use something (X)
whose only purpose is to show the output to you in a snazzy manner.
(If the app appears on a screen that noone is watching is it really

>If I Alt+Fn away from the X11 terminal to another text virtual console,
>and try and run an X11 app will it fail? Im presuming the app will

Yes, unless you start another X server.
startx -- :1
will open yet another X console labeled 1 and visible on alt-ctrl-F8

>fail, saying it cant find a X11 server (i have seen that when remote
>X11 over ssh and my XMing server crashes)... therefore i cant run the
>app as a daemon as these are console based processes.

Why oh why would you run an X app as a daemon? Sounds completely nuts to

>Presuming these assumptions are correct, the next best thing would be
>to have the app run up automatically and be accessible on, for example,
>virtual console 5. How would i go about running an X11 app like this?
>I've seen it done before with running text based apps from inittab, but
>never X11. Would i need to use a display manager and go from there?

>I know the above questions may be confusing and i apologise for my lack
>of knowedge, hopefully someone can see what im trying to achieve and
>kick me in the right direction.

I think you have to tell us what it is you are trying to do, instead of
assuming a solution and asking us how to impliment that solution.

>Many thanks,