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On Fri, 13 Jan 2006 22:50:39 GMT, Marten Kemp staggered into the Black
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I had an array of older SCSI drives but they're failing and I'm
running out of spares.  I *do* have a number of reasonable-sized IDE
drives that I can use but the machine only has one IDE channel that
I'm using for a boot drive and a CD. I have a couple of add-on IDE
adapters in the parts bin. Does anyone know if the Debian 2.6.8 kernel
would be able to use them to control additional drives?

I don't see why not. Most PCI IDE cards are supported one way or another. Booting from a PCI IDE card can be a bit annoying, and sometimes running an ATAPI device on a PCI IDE card can get annoying. But running disks should work fairly well. Somebody could probably give you exact directions if you posted the exact make+model of the PCI IDE card you have (or the output you get from lspci).

If your card is ISA, it'll be a bit of a PITA to get it working, natch.
Hope that's not what you have.

I'll use PCI cards; I'm saving the ISA cards for my 286 after I have a sufficiency of Round Tuits <grin>.

One of the cards is a SIIG UltraIDE Pro PCI, with a BIOS that's
supposed to work with drives larger than 8.4g. The rest just look
like straight connections between the PCI slot and the cables.
I'll probably try the SIIG first.

Do I need anything special in the kernel?

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