Re: Read only hard drive !

Enrique Perez-Terron a écrit :
On Fri 13 January 2006 23:17, zered <SPAMfredericlanglois2@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I have a samba server with an 80Go ide HD ont it.
I can access it through the LAN. But I can't remove folders. In fact sometimes. During one or two minutes after start or mounting.
Ok, so I connect with ssh and try again. Same problem.
I'm using kernel with a mandriva 2006.

On Sat, 14 Jan 2006 10:13:44 +0100, zered <SPAMfredericlanglois2@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

What filesystem?


How is it mounted?

Manually mount /dev/hdc5 /mnt/partage

I'm in test phase.

What are the permissions?


How is it declared in fstab?


How is it declared to Samba?

I don't understand this question. Perhaps "share" ?

When you try to delete the directory, is Samba involved? Are you issuing
the command to the same computer that hosts the drive?

I assume you are referring to *directories* since folders are a
Gatesware abomination.

It's an habit from Atari ST/GEM OS.

Who owns the directory you are trying to remove?


Who owns the directory above the one you are trying to remove?

Root also.

What permissions are on that higher directory?


What commands are you suing to remove the directory?

I'm using midnight commander.

Any error messages?

What commands are you issuing in your SSH?

I'm launching mc.

Any error messages?

Does the directory you try to remove contain any files or directories?
Does the directory you try to remove contain any hidden files or directories?

Unix/linux programs treat names starting with '.' as hidden and do not show
them except if the user issues additional command line options.
"ls -a" shows.


I'm trying through samba and shh.

I have an error message like : impossible to do that because this drive is a read-only hardware.

I'm surprised becaus I can do this sometimes.

It seems few names are malformed !

I think I'll format this drive.