Re: Yet Another Recommendation Request: Noob, user (not server), just to fool around...

(PeteCresswell) wrote:
> Per (PeteCresswell):
> >The "real" one is, indeed 694 megs, Nero 6.6 burned it a-ok, and it looks like
> >KNOPPIX has started up a-ok....
> Geeze!!!!! I think I'm in for some serious grins on this one.
> The PC booted from the CD, has a web browser and MP3 player all ready to go, and
> file system seems tb reading NTFS. As soon as I figure out how to restrict
> access to a directory via XP, I'm going to protect a test directory, boot
> KOPPIX, and see if it can read it.... my money is on it's being able to...
> Is there any reason I shouldn't fire up Windows XP, delete my NTFS work
> partition and replace it with two FAT32 partitions: one bootable and one work...
> and then just copy the KNOPPIX CD to the bootable partition?
> --
> PeteCresswell

just some notes;

-- Knoppix is meant as a LiveCD/DVD only...
you would NOT install Knoppix to a HDD (it's not recommended by the
author, though it can be done successfully)

-- you'd install 'Kanotix' or 'Kubuntu' or 'Debian' (all use KDE as
default Desktop) - or 'Ubuntu' or tons of other DEBIAN based releases
(GNOME is the default Desktop in Ubuntu). If an RPM release is wanted
check out Fedora Core 4, CentOS, etc...

-- As afar as partitioning - usually 'QTParted' (contained in LiveCDs
such as Ubuntu, Knoppix, etc) can be used for resizing (if you want to
keep windopes) -- hopefully your old compaq isn't using any funky
'tattoed' HDD (oh, you've replaced it) or "DDO software" (to overcome
BIOS's inability to identify larger HDD sizes).

> I downloaded something called 'KNOPPIX_V4.0.2DVD-2005-09-23-EN.iso.
> It's 3,549 kb, so that sounds like a DVD image to me.

-- The Knoppix DVD ISO you have sounds correct as the DVD version, and
it's size sounds appropriate 3549MB (3.549GB) - I'm having a litle
diffuculty in finding the DVD version on the mirrors just now...anyway
- the DVD has much more software and is fairly new (Knoppix 4.0 - 1st
DVD ver. was released only 5 months ago in August 2005) - and there's
been a glitch here and there -

> Problem I'm having is that my burner program (Nero) seems to think it's for
> burning a CD instead of a DVD. It also complains about some sort of block size
> mismatch.
> Must be something simple/stupid that I'm doing/not doing... but what?

-- not sure what's wrong, but see;
usually the 1st thing i tell folks is to check the MD5 checksum against
the d/l ISO, BEFORE burning the image to media - you need the
'KNOPPIX_V4.0.2DVD-2005-09-23-EN.iso.md5' file as well (1KB) - plus a
small app to check with, such as MD5summer. I'd say stick with the CD
for now.