Re: ext2 vs ext3?

Chris wrote:
> (PeteCresswell) wrote:
>> Per General Schvantzkoph:
>>> Given how little space you have your allocations seem about right.
>> More space is not a problem. I just didn't want to waste a lot if it
>> was not
>> needed.
>> 20 gigs? 30 gigs?
> Personally, on a home machine, I would say that your allocations are
> about right. However, how much are you considering to store on /home? On
> a home machine that can be biggest hog of disk space. My /home is about
> 10gig (from memory) plus I have a /photos partitions of 20gig and / is
> in the 6gig region.

Would you not want to mount that /photos partition somewhere else?

I actually have a similar question: where to put it? The FSHS really
prohibits creating new directories in / (root). I have a pile of pictures in
/opt/pictures, but that is really supposed to contain optional
_application software_, not data like picture (or sound) files. Another
possibility would be in /usr/local somewhere, or in /usr/share.

Any informed opinions out there?

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