Re: Removing Linux from a dual boot system

In comp.os.linux.misc, on Fri 20 January 2006 14:36, (PeteCresswell)
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> Per Chris:
>>IF you installed grub in the MBR of the Windows drive, then
>>all you need to do is bring up XP in console mode and run
>>fixmbr. That will remove your boot menu and load XP
>>immediately on boot-up.
>>The Linux install will still be there. To remove, reformat
>>the Linux partition in Windows as you please.
> This begs a question for me: if I have an image of a drive which is
> partitioned into hda1 and hda5 and the drive dies, will restoring the
> image to hda1 on another drive also bring back my GRUB setup?

Why should it? The MBR is not on hda1
> I'm guessing not - that GRUB lives in some other area of the disk,
> namely "the boot block".

Often referred to as the Master Boot Record, sometimes known as the MBR,
though I don't know what the significance of the letters might be ;-)
> If that's true, is the boot block some sort of partition that I could
> back up on an image?

man dd
> Looking in kInfoCenter, I don't see anything and looking
> via Win I don't see anything either...

Why would you expect Windoze to show you anything like system
> so I guess I've answered part
> of the question myself.
> But, bottom line, is there some way to back up/restore GRUB?

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