Re: How do they get any work done?

felmon davis <felmon@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> this is getting way OT but it may also be appropriate to ask in this
> thread. a colleague of mine received a flyer written in Word which had
> astonishing features: when you open it in Word, instead of the usual
> toolbars with 'file', etc., you (also) get email header fields. in this
> case, they were filled in with the addresses the original party had used,
> including the BCC: field!!!

Could just be some sort of template file. Templates of course involve
autorun (and other) macros, which are useful for doing both useful forms
activity and malware mischief. (One rule of thumb with MS-Word is that
your default answer to any request to modify your global template file
should be "no", for that reason.)

> we told the colleague about his visible BCC: data. I know this all has
> something to do with Windows's OLE mechanisms but this all struck me as
> way too bizarre!

Yep. Too risky for my taste.

> have you ever heard of this?

Not as such, but I'm not surprised.