Re: How do they get any work done?

David L. Johnson wrote:
> On Tue, 24 Jan 2006 19:15:29 +0000, felmon davis wrote:
> > we told the colleague about his visible BCC: data. I know this all has
> > something to do with Windows's OLE mechanisms but this all struck me as
> > way too bizarre! I am not a Windows user and the ones I know cannot speak
> > knowledgeably about these things. it is truly frightening that one can
> > open a document in Word and have such all-round security and privacy
> > breaches!
> Reminds me of the (old?) *.doc files that would retain information about
> deleted text. You could literally search such a document using strings
> and find out what was there before.

oh....the humanity!

MS admin bozos would've done better if they had only opened their minds
to ppl like moi, and others, who've been telling them that all along MS
OSes are nothing more than large bloated Spyware systems in and of
themselves - no additional help (3rd party software) is required.

I still use 98, but _I_ *know* enough about it for it not to be
dangerous to me -- it's taken many years, and in hindsight, it's been
wasted effort (except for the CLI introduction and knowledge using DOS)
-- no more $ to MS, nor their affiliates, hence the penguin marches on