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In comp.os.linux.misc, on Thu 26 January 2006 04:23, MileHighCelt
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but without including the context

OK, let's start with the basics: Do you know what Usenet is? Do you know
what a News Group is? How about a news server?

Google unfortunately decided not to use the standards of quoting on
Usenet. A quick fix can be read on the following page:

If you want to get better help and learn more, please read on.

I sympathize with your problems, and am more than willing to help you
solve them, to do so you should follow the correct quoting principles
as explained in the FAQ of this group available on

While you are at it, read the whole document and the links provided in
it as well.

Due to the bad quoting habits and also due to the amount of drivel
coming from postings done via Google Groups, several people have
resulted in kill filing (not reading or responding to) postings done
with Google. This means fewer people will be able or willing to help.

To get the best possible result to your postings, it is better to us a
newsreader or Usenet client. Linux has many dedicated news readers, as
well as browsers with built in news readers.

It's not your fault you got sucked in. It will be your fault, if you
don't act to remedy the situation.

If you're running SUSE Linux, look on your menu, under Internet -->
News, and you'll see which news readers you have installed. If you run
something else, look for a good newsreader. Don't use an email program.

Find a Usenet server that you can post to. Your ISP probably has one.
There are also free ones out there, that Google will help you locate.
Type in "Usenet free servers". better yet, use this:

The one your provider has is most likely the better, faster and easier
choice. Set up the news reader of your choice, download the groups
list, type linux in the search box, and subscribe to alt.os.linux.suse.

When I see correct quoting from you, instead of what Google is forcing
you to do, I'll be right there to greet you, and help get you going.
Until then:

I am out of here.
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