Re: how to release port 8080

Keith Keller wrote:
> On 2006-02-01, linuxadmin <me.linuxadmin@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> >
> > i tried lsof -i :8080...but still it wont work.....
> That's a very poor problem description.  What did your lsof command
> output, and did you run it as root?
> > in the mornin when i first switched on the comp...started the jboss
> > worked fine.... but when i shut it down..i could still
> > access jboss main page at 8080...
> Are you sure you shut it down properly?  What does ps ax tell you?
> And is your apache serving static requests for jboss, while passing
> dynamic requests to jboss?
> > could it be because i had shut down some services which i felt were not
> > that necessary like portmap etc
> Not likely.  It's more likely some process like apache is grabbing port
> 8080 before jboss can.  But only lsof will tell you which process is
> using that port!
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sorry everone...plz accept my apologies....

i did an
#nmap -sTU <my ip>

22/tcp     open              ssh
68/udp     open|filtered dhcpclient
80/tcp     open              http
111/tcp    open              rpcbind
111/udp   open|filtered    rpcbind
137/udp   open|filtered    netbios-ns
138/udp   open|filtered    netbios-dgm
139/tcp   open                netbios-ssn
443/tcp   open                 https
445/tcp   open                 microsoft-ds
515/tcp   open                 printer
3306/tcp open                 mysql

doin an
#lsof -i:8080...came back to root prompt

i started and stopped the server worked properly..after it shut
down..i was still able to view the jboss server page at port 8080..but
when i clicked on the said  unable to connect...

i asked my friend to access http://<my ip> showed
error..unable to connect....

could it be possible that the browser is keeping the jboss main server
page in its cache... i use firefox 1.5