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Salvatore Iovene <salvatore.iovene@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> did eloquently scribble:

I'm using tin 1.4.5 on a SunOS sparc machine.
I have been googling and searching newsgroups for an answer to my
problem, but couldn't find anything good.

Althought tin starts fast here, it hangs up to a minute when I select a
newsgroup to read its articles.
It says:

Group comp.os.linux.misc ('q' to quit)...

then it quickly retrieves the articles of the group. It just wastes
almost a minute on that line above.

You're not using a local news server are you?
It'll be downloading the new messages.

Yes, I am. Why does this slow up things? Shouldn't it be very quick
since the news server is in the same LAN?

Is any way to speed this up? Since I read many newsgroup, I'd like to
quickly switch among them, but having to wait a minute each time is
really bad.

Install leafnode if you have root access...

Unfortunately I don't have root access. Any other way?

Thanks a lot.

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