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MT> >My printserver is not really running a 'pure' RH 6.1 system, since I
MT> >installed a bunch of the RH 6.2 RPMs on it. I did not have the 6.2 CD
MT> >at the time (it was not out at that point) I first set it up and I
MT> >wanted something newer than 5.2.
MT> We learned from 4.2 - we were happy as a clam with that, and updated to
MT> 5.2 because we thought support was going to go away about the time 5.2
MT> came out. In fact, the support for 4.2 didn't end until 6.2 had been
MT> released. 5.2 was actually supported for half a year longer than support
MT> for 6.0/6.1 was available.
MT> >Doing a full upgrade would be kind of a pain -- it has no keyboard,
MT> >mouse, monitor, or CD-ROM drive. Just a hard drive and a floppy. I
MT> >would have to remove it from where it is, connect an external SCSI CD-ROM
MT> >drive and boot up the installer from a floppy (doable, but a pain).
MT> What's wrong with a network install? I'll admit I don't like to do that

The network card is an *old* ISA card. It is 'unsupported' by the WBL
3.0 installer and I have no clue about the CentOS 4 installer. It is
going to be really *hard* to do a network install without a supported
driver for the network card. I can get around not having a bootable
CD-ROM by copying the installer kernel+ramdisk to the local hard drive
and adding it to lilo. Oh, upgrading to CentOS will be really fun --
the distro CDs only have 586 and 686 kernels/ramdisks. I suspect I
would have to custom build a 386 kernel and ramdisk (yep, no stock i386
kernel). Building custom a custom installer kernel and ramdisk is not
something I really want to do. (I tried it with my old P133 laptop
without success -- I ended up doing a transplant install -- I pulled
its disk and installed WBL 3.0 on it using my desktop's removable IDE
disk carriers.)

MT> to a headless box unless you also have a second way in (in our case,
MT> that's usually a dumb terminal connected to the serial port), but we
MT> do network installs as a way of life. I'm not on the installation crew
MT> any more, but I don't recall hearing of failures that often.
MT> Old guy

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