Re: Kernel Version Numbers?

Chris wrote:
Poly-poly man wrote:
I was just noticing, Kernel 2.0 came out about 1996, and we're dragging
out the latest versions (2.6.11 had HOW MANY subversions?!), so how long
before 3.0, or even just 2.8 comes out? I saw in a earlier post about
someone mistyping it as kernel 6.15, and was wondering how many
centuries before that release comes out!?

FYI the kernel version numbers are even (e.g. 2.2 2.4 2.6) for stable
branches and odd (e.g. 2.3 2.5) for development branches. Thus the
current development version of the kernel is 2.7.x. I personally think
that is a good idea as the two branches are clearly defined with no
confusion in which versions are stable[1] and which aren't.

Figured that out myself. No 2.7.x according to the archives at .

Kernel 2.8 will be out when the new features destined for release are
*fully* implemented and stable[1].

huh huh, stable, huh huh :)
If something were truly stable, they wouldn't keep working on it :D

Also, just because a new kernel is out doesn't mean the old version
dies - the 2.4, 2.2, 2.0 kernels have been patched relatively recently
- in fact many systems still run on the 2.4 kernel.

MAYBE 2.4, but 2.2 was last updated Feb. 25 2004 (2.2.26) and
2.0 Feb. 8 2004 (2.0.40).

[1] stability is a relative term :-)

Hell, yeah!

poly-p man