Re: Is Daylight Savings enabled ?

In comp.os.linux.misc, on Tue 04 April 2006 23:23, Chris F.A. Johnson
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On 2006-04-04, Robert Hull wrote:
In comp.os.linux.misc, on Tue 04 April 2006 19:24, Chris F.A. Johnson
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On 2006-04-04, Robert Hull wrote:

Are you saying that GMT (the time system we use in winter) is in
fact the DST?

Where did I say that?

It is a logical conclusion because you say that it will show DST when
using daylight saving. We use two time frames in the UK - one is
daylight saving, the other isn't.

I didn't mean DST literally,

When dealing with suport questions, I have often found the most
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