Re: Is Daylight Savings enabled ?

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Bill Unruh writes:
BEcause airline companies and shipping companies scream at the government.

To little effect, from the evidence. How many different forms of DST do we
have around the world?

Of course, some day we will have a UN agency telling us how to set our

Well, we have a foreign government, the USA, telling us when to change our
clocks. Would the UN be worse? NOte that they are also telling the States
when to change their time as well.

So God forbid that some small unelected government somewhere (like, say,
the Vatican) would dictate our calendar to us!

They didn't, even then. England held out for 200 years. russia for 400. But
in that case the advantages were just too obvious.
(Although a 33 year cycle instead of a 4000 year cycle would have been far
more accurate). Ie, 8 leap years every 33 years.

The same advantages to DSt are not obvious. If they were going to reform,
doing it on the spring and fall equinoxes would make much more sense. As it
is by the time they change in November, the days are allready incredibly
short, so you have to wait till almost noon to see any sunshine.