Re: Kill a running bash command

On 2006-04-23, M <ihatespam.0.a101888@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Bit Twister wrote:

On Sun, 23 Apr 2006 12:29:47 GMT, M wrote:

What would I do if I had kate open, went to the terminal issued say a
search command, then subsequently decided I want to stop it.

Sorry if this seems like a really simple question, but I don't remember
seeing the answer to this in any of the bash documentation that I have

You can try control c, control y, control d to see what happens. :)

control y, control d don't do anything.

control c does is the magic accelerator which stops the command in it's
tracks, and is the one I am looking for.

Thanks Bit Twister :-)

Coming from the windows world control c usually means copy, so I will have
to alias it to control q (or something like that) one of these days.

Thanks once again.

Ctrl-z will stop a job, like putting it 'on hold' so you can think about
whether you want to keep going with it. If it is job 1, for example, you can
bring it back with 'fg 1' ('bring job 1 back into the foreground') and then
ctrl-c to kill it.

You could try to alias the Windows ctrl-c to something else :)