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On 2006-05-23, Michael Heiming <michael+USENET@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
In comp.os.linux.misc Robert M. Riches Jr. <spamtrap42@xxxxxxxxxxx>:

One disadvantage of scp is the CPU overhead of the
encryption. When copying 2.6GB one way and 1.4GB the other
way over 100Mb ethernet, the CPU is buried so badly handling
the encryption that both systems are useless for anything
else. Without the encryption CPU load, you can actually do
something on the systems while transferring.

You could just use another cypher or even none to speed up
operations, and lower CPU usage, authentication will still be
encrypted. "blowfish" usually doesn't use that much CPU.

Thanks for the suggestion. I'll have to give it a try.

Robert Riches
(Yes, that is one of my email addresses.)

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