Re: dd command question

Grant wrote:
On 30 May 2006 04:41:08 -0700, pechoi@xxxxxxx wrote:

We have been using "tar" untill now. Problem we have is NFS failover
(that's what 2 disks for). We got bunch of server running(bin are in
those disk) from a NFS server and when it failover (loses handle) to
other disk, some of them need to reboot to get Access NFS again.
Any thouhgt (thx for reply everyone anyway)?

Try mounting the failover source over the mountpoint? Maybe you can do this without the reboot. Not something I've tried.


NFS itself is stateless and will survive a loss of contact quite sanely, but the same can not be said of programs using it. Unless the process calling the file access hangs retrying endlessely until the service is restored, chances are that few applications will handle an error of the 'the file you want has just vanished' sort gracefully..

The solution is to have as little as possible centrally accessed, and to copy what you need to local disks and run from that.

Or is that exactly what you are trying to do?