Re: dd command question

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:Yeah, problem is we don't have a local drive (each server) can write
:to. We have 2 NFS servers that has binaries and data Read Only. I heard
:NFS find file based on inode number. I thought if I dd same image to 2
:disks, they will have identical drives. I am not sure that would be
:true if I need to patch it and we don't want to make a new image for
:entire drive (just new file(s)). Is that possible to do so with same
:inode number (for NFS)?

You would need a fairly sophisticated file-system-specific disk
mirroring utility to do that incremental update. There's no way you
could do it with just 'dd'. Furthermore, synchronizing the disk images
will have to be done with the file systems unmounted or mounted
read-only. If you try to copy a file system that is mounted read-write,
you will find that the destination FS has a bunch of fsck errors --
basically the sort of errors you find after pulling the power plug on a
running system.

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