Re: Mount without /proc/mounts entry

Unruh escreveu:

"Tom" <tomlobato@xxxxxxxxx> writes:


How to mount a filesystem (specificly smbfs, if it matter) without
add a entry in /proc/mounts? Is it possible without to apply patch to
the kernel?


I answered above,
I need to hide, at most, the remote smbfs share

/proc/mounts is the kernel table of the mounts. \if it is not there, the
kernel does not know about it.

Well, I just need my program to access remote smbfs share, wheter the
kernel know or not (but if it know, does not write to /proc/mounts).

For example, try the url 'smb://<windows_on_lan>/<share_on_windows>' on
konqueror. It access the share without appear on mtab or /proc/mounts.