Re: Washed out webcam

Captain Dondo wrote:
I have a logtech quickcam IM. All in all, a really nice camera, and it works in 640x480 mode.

When I got it, I was surprised that it took really nice images in near-total dark. But... It completely washes out in daylight outside.

I've given the camera plenty of time to adjust to the light, but anything lit by direct sunlight comes up as pure white.

I've tried this with various software, and no joy. No amount of tweaking with autoexposure, contrast, etc. appears to fix this.

I suspect this is inherent to the design - after all the camera is designed to work indoors - but I need to take images from a moving vehicle.

Any suggestions on what I can do, or perhaps a webcam more suited for outdoor pictures?


I would use a polarised filter (available from any good camera store). Smoke filters (ie welding mask plates) would be way too dark, I think, but there again there may be a fault with the CMOS sensor.

For the Blue Peter effect, use a frame of overexposed negative film and some sticky-back plastic. Worked wonders for me when I needed something for solar photography. :)

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