Re: Xandros very newbie

Gerry Atrick <dwmmcg@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
: Got an install key that needs to be installed from xtpsetup. After
: years of being spoon fed by Windows, I have no idea how to access

I suppose that if you spent years with Windows and got everything
you needed done without learning the CLI, one would have to conclude
that the GUI designers did a pretty good job!

: this xtpsetup. Have tried from the command line, but am obviously
: using the wrong command. Would sure appreciate any and all help with
: this very embarrassing question.

Well- what command are you using?

Is the executable you are looking for in your path? ( just like in Windows
there's an environment variable called PATH which tells your shell
where to look for executables.)


Stan Bischof ("stan" at the below domain)