Re: problems in linux install and hardware configuration

prashant wrote:
I have installed Red Hat Linux 4.0 Enterprise AS
Problems: It is unable to detect any devices or hardwares even after
installin latest driver and bios upgrades from intel. it has not
detected devices like onboard nic , sound card, graphics , and even my
second hard drive

My system configuration

Intel chipset 945g
intel D945gnt desktop board.(not all on board controllers like nic ,
sound etc.. detected)
512mb ddr2 ram
80 gb sata hard drive(not detected).
mouse , key brd(detected)
and two ide drive 1:cd drive(detected)
2: ATA hard drive (linux installed on

Thanking and anticipating a help o n this


Please Reply to this post with some sensible solution as i m already i
n a fix wot to do .
whenever i have to switch between os i have to open my cabinet and
switch hard drive wires - voilating my warranty terms... please help on
i have to ask for another solution to the problem.
problem :My 1st hard drive i.e. an ATA one. contains linux installation
and it has changed my file system wich cannot be read on windows so i m
left with nothing do with my hard drive which contains linux except
still keep on switchin between cables . please help on this plz help.