Re: I really need some help here udev/hotplug/usb/usbmount etc etc.

iforone wrote:
Bob Hauck wrote:
On Sun, 13 Aug 2006 20:41:51 +0100, The Natural Philosopher <a@xxx> wrote:
Bob Hauck wrote:
I don't know. I got an installation CD from a friend, and just followed
it along. As far as I know that would always configure the system to
pull from stable.

Perhaps you should make your own CDs

That depends what the CD was. There are test releases of install CD's
floating around that will install testing. Perhaps you should ask your
friend what he actually gave you.

Exactly - I doubt it was customized, but cerainly possible.

cat /etc/debian_version

Might be interesting too, but not definitive.

Precisely - on a per user basis perhaps?.. I don't know the exact
particulars - but for ex; when I moved my kernel meta package up from
3.1r1 2.6.8-2-386 to 3.1r2 2.6.8-3-686, that file still reported 3.1r1

I am 99.99% certain that udev 0.093 was in stable.

It was NOT! and never was - that i know - see John's bpo info

You are 100% mistaken. I update weekly and udev hasn't stopped working
or complained about my kernel version and apt hasn't tried to pull a new

as stated ...bpo version only

Tell me how apt-get knows what to pull from and maybe it will shed light.

Exactly -- though I've seen the list cached in /var/lib/apt/lists, for
whatever that's worth.

I have still got it on my system in .deb form, so if you want to tell me
how to see what's inside it, let me know.

2006-05-30 17:17 udev_0.093-1_i386.deb
That's the version from unstable (and probably testing too, I have not
checked). It also _isn't_ from or some other place that
provides updated packages for stable because it doesn't have a suffix on
the version.


tell me why 093 installed without error.

It didn't

It did actually.

I don't know for sure. It shouldn't have. For one thing it depends on
a version of libc6 that is newer than the one stable shipped with, so it
should have complained about that at least. It also conflicts with
several things (hotplug, old versions of module-init-tools and hal) that
would be installed on stable, so that should have generated some noise.

Unless of course you're really running testing or unstable and don't
know it, which is seeming more and more likely.

Hi Bob:
Earlier you stated you have both udev and hotplug on Stable boxen --
are they BOTH installed to the same machine -- OR do some have udev and
some have hotplug?
When I upgraded from Sarge -> Etch -> Sid I got a BIG warning when udev
was being installed about YOU MUST --PURGE HOTPLUG (or somesuch) ..well
I did naturally, and all's well now. However I did notice one can
manually pull in 'udev' without 'hal', yet removing hotplug _seemed_ to
pull them in together? (that last sentence is merely speculation).
I recall I had to --purge some pkgs like udev and hal because I was
then having issues with the transition from Xfree86 to Xorg - but
finally got it all working :-)
It seems like udev (from your excellent description) and it's rules
w/symlinks are very much like the init.d system and the rc[0-6].d and
rcS.d files/scripts. If that is correct, then that will go a long way
in helping me (fundamentally) understand the udev system.

Udev - 093 anyway - calls some hal stuff and hooks into old hotplug files, but it doesn't have to = most if not all hotplug functionality can be got with udev alone.

See the PROGRAM and RUN commands that execute whatever you want before and after the symlink patching of the device are done, respectively.

HAL seems to serve up the media towards an x-window environment..that sounds like its more relevant for you.

FWIW I have the hal daemon running on this system, and it occasionally produces a spurious error message in the log, and bits of it invoked from Udev unmount the camera device when I unplug it - generic HAL behavior it appears. I haven't gotten around to probing furher than that.

The reason to purge hot plug would seem to be that since Udev calls through to bits of it, you may end up with udev and hotplug doing the same thing.

A quick look at /etc/udev/hotplug.rules will show you the beginning of that chain. AFAIK that is the sole legacy iperation of hitplug in a later udev system.



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