Re: Is there Linux utility to enable printing in a pdf?

On 2006-08-13, Unruh <unruh-spam@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
ANC <anc@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

Above file is a public document of the parking map for Moscone Hall in San
Francisco... where LinuxWorld will be held this week. For some strange
reason whoever created it DISABLED the ability to print it. I want to take
it with me in the car when I drive there so I can see where the parking is.
Is there some tool or utility in Linux that can change this file to ENABLE
the printability of the pdf? (Is it legal to do so for my own use?)

Sure. Open it with xpdf and print it. Or do you want me to mail you the
copy I just printed:-)

So xpdf obeys the "don't allow select/copy" flag but ignores
the "don't allow printing" flag in a document? That seems
pretty hypocritical after reading xpdf's author going on about
respecting the wishes of the document's creator.

[Of course my copy of xpdf allows selecting regardless. If the
part's vendors didn't want that info used by customers they
shouldn't have put them in the frigging datasheets.]

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