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Can someone tell alternatives to windows in suse.
1. c:\program files
2. c:\windows
3. c:\documents and settings\user\local settings\temp
4. c:\documents and settings\user\local settings\temp\temporary
internet files
5. c:\documents and settings\user\my documents

*nix and Windows filesystem hierarchies are quite different, but some
adherence to the Unix filesystem hierarchy is common:

6. microsoft office (dont mention open office)

Why not? But if you insist, there's koffice nd any number of stand-alone
programs, e.g. AbiWord, gnumeric, etc.

7. setupofanyprogram.exe

SuSE is rpm-based, so you can just use rpm like in RedHat, Mandriva,
Fedora, and other distributions. But SuSE also has a tool called "YaST"
that provides a front-end to rpm among other things.

8. .executable

Filename extensions are not used to denote executable files in *nix;
instead, the "executable" file attribute is set using chmod.

9. msdos(i know it's terminal but how do you open it)

If you're using X, just open a terminal session.

10. disk defragmentator

Unneccessary. Disk fragmentation is a Windows-only feature.

11. backup

Multiple tools are available. What type of backup medium do you plan to

12. cuteftp pro alternative

What's "cuteftp pro?" I assume some kind of ftp client, of which you
will find many in *nix. I like ncftp.

13. internet explorer(dont tell me firefox) (is internet explorer
available for linux) (url)

Why not firefox? And no, IE is *NOT* available for *nix, nor is it ever
likely to be available. You could run it using wine, if you insist, but
why would you want to? If you don't like firefox, there are numerous
other browsers you can use, including Mozilla, Netscape (no longer
actively developed), Opera, konqueror, galleon, dillo, lynx, and
probably more.

14. go here( which one on the right
side should i download for suse 10.1

Don't bother. Use "gaim" instead:

15.dameon tools

Sure. Lots of 'em. What did you have in mind?


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