Re: How to create a boot diskette & use of fsck & tune2fs

Stegozor wrote:

Hi everyone,

I recently switched to Ubuntu 6.06 (Dapper Drake) GNU/Linux, ext3
filesystem. I was regularly using SCANDISK and CHKDSK /F under Windows,
but I couldn't find an easy way to do the equivalent with Ubuntu. As one
must unmount partitions before running fsck, and as one cannot unmount /
and /home when he's connected (note that there's no root account in
Ubuntu, so I can't unmount /home either), I'm stuck. In fact, I'd like
to create a boot diskette, and to run fsck from it from time to time,
without waiting for the disks to be mounted 30 times befire Ubuntu
checks them. That brings my second question:

I'd also like to create a boot diskette. I found the mkbootdisk package,
but it's a .rpm and after having used alien to transform it into a deb
package, it doesn't create properly the boot floppy. What's the (if
possible simple, remember FORMAT A: /S under DOS) command or the package
necessary for doing this with a debian based distro? Please don't tell
me to use the LiveCD, I don't have it anymore, I gave it to a friend.


Head on over to

download the .iso and make TWO CD copies (one for your friend).
The CD boots quickly and serves up a lot of maintenance/rescue
tools, including fsck.

The on-line docs at the website describe how to set up a sysrescue
collection on a small partition (150-200mB) on your HD and boot
it via lilo or grub. Starts up even faster.

Very handy stuff.