utilising multi-core/-processor support in linux


I recently bought a centrino dual core machine, and compiled a kernel with support for kernel threading and 2 processors/cores.

When I tried utilising both cores, I had a look at top/ps to see if linux distributed the processes/tasks to both processors, but according to it it only used one of the cores.

Looking at the web for information on how to control and utilise multi-processors/cores in linux only yield information about linux supporting in 2.2/2.4 kernels and some odd information on how to programm for it. Not how to verify it is beeing utilised, in what way or if there are things that need to be configured for it to work properly.

So my question is, how can i verify its use and is there anything that needs to be done to existing programs or the linux distro to utilise it.

Any information, pointers or good articles explaining system administration of smp functionality is highly appreciated.