Re: How to make Knoppix USB writable?

lowrider napisal(a):

I use DSL/Feather distros which automatically mount /dev/sda1 to /cdrom
rw(spy /etc/fstab).

Yes, Knoppix do it in the same way. My knoppix filesystem's usb is
mounted to /cdrom
Can Knoppix be remastered for rw mounting /dev/sda1 to /cdrom (with
knoppix filesystem)
You need to be superuser to write to it.
You can
also prefix your mv/cp command by sudo to successfully write to it.
Very useful for customizing DSL on USB.

So If i want to work just like on normal linux dektop (with possiblity
for having files wrote to desktop etc.) so i need to be logged as root
in desktop environment ? Does it make sense ?

Or maybe one of directories could be mouted as read write directory for
writing files freely when working (a second partition on flash drive)?

Cheers, Paul