Re: tools for splitting audio files

Ray <whatdoineed2do@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

i am looking for tools that can be used to splitting audio files based
on time and silence -- i;ve seen gramofile
( but this only
splits it based on silence.

the problem is that i have hours a voice recordings so ideally i would
want to split the file into chunks of about 10mins each; however i
would want the tool to be able to read in 10mins and then find the next
"silence" and split the file at that point so the split files arent cut

if anyone knows of tools that can be used for this purpose please let
me know. i also taken a look at sox but alas this seems to be one of
the few things it doesnt offer out the box


I think it is very unlikely that you will find anything for this out
of the box. If you're comfortable with coding in C, then you can use
an audio reading/writing library like sndlib or libsndfile to write
your own program to do this. I've used sndlib to process wav files
and found it fairly easy to use.

Rob Komar