Re: can we break the wordwrap limit in kmail?

Aragorn wrote:
On Thursday 14 September 2006 14:46, heavytull stood up and addressed the
masses in /comp.os.linux.misc/ as follows...:

sticking to the specs of those *old* systems for nostalgic people

Narrow-minded thinking, picturing "the PC" as the only computer system in

yes probably. I'm not suposed to know what the whole world is composed

wow!! this is what you say is arrogance? i'm honest when i say that.

Instead of being arrogant, you may want to snip the irrelevant sections from
your post and leave in the proper attribution, instead of doing the

What about people working on dumb serial terminals on UNIX

huh?? whou!!
what about people on mars? what about poppies, roses and moses?

There are to my knowledge no sentient beings on Mars, but there *are* plenty
of people working on mainframes and minicomputers via text-only serial line

when i said "I'm not suposed to know what the whole world is composed
of" I was actually almost taking some gloves because I didn't really
figure out what you were meaning by saying "What about people working
on dumb serial terminals on UNIX machines?"
I was wondering, and still doing so, whether you were talking about
"...people working on dumb serial terminals on UNIX machines..." as
(1)people useful for evry internet user because they were doing some
backgroung tasks for everything working well or (2)just some people in
the world of IT who were just working as such and between whom and
internet users there is no particular interference.
but now i understood that the case 2 is likely to be your meaning so i
strongly confirm my views.

why wold my life be interferred by their existance?
I don't know. Why would *my* life be interfered by yours?
Such a reply is typical of adepts of useless rhetoric.
I can tell you why your life is actually interfered by my existance:
you chose to answer to my post by yourself.
AFI'MC up to now i have never chosen to interfere with "people working
on dumb serial terminals on UNIX machines"

E-mail generally isn't HTML - despite Microsoft's persistent tendency
to promote and stimulate the use of HTML in e-mails.
Upon sending plain text e-mail, line wraps become linefeeds, and as
such, the message is delivered.

In plain text, as I wrote in the above paragraph and as I left quoted in for
you to see. HTML is a rendering language and its rendering depends on the
tool it is viewed in.

i still don't understand what you mean by linefeeds. be very very

Considering how many Windows viruses get dispersed through e-mail because of
Windows's habit to consider viewing an attachment and executing whatever
code resides *inside* that attachment as being the same thing, there are
far more arguments against using any other format than plain text for
e-mails than there are in favor of it.
is an html email same as a web page?
I mean: are there the same risks? if yes then better to view all
internet in plain text too!

but Why wold you stop everything for those security hazes??
building a nuclear facility for energy is a threat of terrorism, do
government stop their plannings??

Terrorists appear to be easier to track down and contain than viruses and
their writers.
you have evidence?
Whatever you say has to be proven unless it is considered as your
personal view

Besides, nuclear facilities are far better secured than
Average Joe's Windows PC, and are run by people far more responsible and
far more educated than Average Joe, sitting at his Windows PC.

I would personnaly never let myself prevented from doing anything like
the use of html just because of the average joe's.

That's why Average Joe's Windows PC is sending out spam e-mails to us
GNU/Linux users as well without Average Joe even knowing about it.
you mean that the average joe when received a dirty code simply
executes it in an ignorant manner and usually those codes target Linux

NO! they fight agaisnt the threat.
your behaviour is quite laughable because if i really scan your way of
life I will obviously find many such examples that concern you.

You don't have the faintest idea what you're talking about. I do not have
the legal or military power to go after every crook who wants to con me out
of my money, take advantage of my goodwill in other ways or inflict
whatever other harm upon me, but I sure as Hell can secure people's
computers from becoming the remote tools for people who _do_ wish to
inflict harm upon others.
I was not talking about that, for example just considerthe food you
swallow daily:
have you never heard about the risks because of the way it is produced?
or just do you drive a car? have never heard about accidents? and you
still drive it?
what about cell phone? have you never heard about their ability of
cooking the user's brain?

the choice of using html in emails is risky the same way.
BTW with html in email you do not take the risk of ending your life
either unpainly for the luckiest or painfully for the less lucckies.

So I believe I have at least the faintest idea what I'm talking about.

The security model and adherence to standards are but two of the things that
attracts me to UNIX-style operating systems, but I know most of what I know
about Windows from other people's experiences, and as a GNU/Linux advocate,
I also know how badly damaged people's ideas of information technology
become after they've been exposed to The Microsoft Way(tm).

I personally have been using these usenet groups for quite a while and
I can clearly state about linux users. the statement is actually and
honestly aweful. I have seen ffar much more "unlost people" in the MS
winworld, well though certainly because there are fffffar much more MS
win users in the world; but really most of linux users seem to be lost,
they are not able to do anything else that sticking the superficial
aspect of the machine and its OS. They usually talk about (though as
well in MS winworld) PC and its OS like an absolute science like
physics, geology... while a PC is nothing else than a dirty machine
with a dirty OS which has been designed by IBM engineers and Billy and
whose skills dirty on not are defining our way of life and who's main
goal was actually making money. the most regretable is that it worked
nowadays programming a machine is mostly struggling to find the specs
of it and the programming language dictionnary. the programmers work
gets summarized to be the game of searching for the seeds ingineers
have carefully hidden deep in the soil so as you'll have to flow your
money to get them.
I believe this ALL is certainly the reason why the GNU activity is so
high and of course I do appreciate and this is likely to be the reason
I found courage enough to shift to Linux. But I maintain regading all
the bugs that there are unskilled and dirty programmers in this world
But really the linux users i find on these group are awefull and dumb!

such as HTML e-mails that contain links to pictures that are being loaded
from webservers separately.

you can set you email client to not to download any pics from othr
servers than your mail server!

I've done better than that: I've set it not to download ANY pictures, unless
they are attachments.

and you can off course build up just a trust list of trusted emails and
you choose to fully download emails only from that trust list. Or there
are so many many ways! But stopping all new techs just because of
theats a matter of you only. do not speak and choose (although you
cannot) for the rest of the world.

I am certainly not stopping all new technologies. I am simply fending off
the idiotic ones.
so non plain text emails are of idiotic ones?

And Windows has certainly introduced a lot of those into
the minds of the unwashed masses.
I do understand you don't like windows; but certainly not for the same
reasons as mine

I just do not understand howcome with so much money Windows is far from
being worthy!
u do?

nothing prevents an editor to fulfill such a requirement.

and i confirm

Fine, up to you then to rewrite the whole way e-mail is being processed by
your e-mail client, by the mailservers and by the protocols then.

is it not arrogance here?

Perhaps you can proprietarize this technology once you've accomplished all
that - stealing a little code here and there - and then impose your new
technology onto the markets, hereby suppressing the establish standards and
claiming yours as the only ones. Just like Microsoft does.

forget MS, I do not need to rewrite the spec of email to get what i
would like.

You don't seem to understand how e-mail works...

I'm quite sorry, I didn't want to hurt yur feelings.

Your original reply to me hasn't hurt my feelings. The tone in this reply
of yours however does come across as arrogant, and I do have a problem with
that, having been around arrogant people most of my life and not being
arrogant myself.
ho poor!

you should forget such sayngs

I have however learned to become *assertive,* which is not the same thing as
arrogance and which is what I am being right now. Call it a defense
mechanism, if you will. Well, that's what it is, actually.
you didn't need to take out your arms. I was not trying to hurt you.

you seem to not to understand what people are.

I understand all too well what they are. I also understand that people want
irrational things,
wouldn't you be expressing your anger?

you have to understand that regarding the usefullness of computers
nowadays everybody is using one at a time in his life or all the time
and you have to know that most of them are not computers devotees; they
have dedicated their life to other things and an OS like Mac or even
windows has the goal of making these odd machines called "computers"
usable by those people without doing any studies in that field. So,
limits such as plain text emails should never exist in their mind; Mac
and MSwin programmers have to cope disregarding the difficulty which
presents to themselves. They will have to even rewrite (which I
encourage) universal specs if required.
so was introduced html email and many many more features.

and that it is what people want, what they have always
wanted and what they will always want, that turns this world into such a
you're confusing corrupted people and independant ones.
corrupted are the devotees of the governments whose (the gvts) goal is
money and glory over the world. they engage people in a race. anyone is
free from leaving the race bu they do not maybe because they are frail.
they are the most common So is getting drawn up the mess.

anyway I went onto wikipedia and found some links to the email
definition (rfc docs). I will have to study it, i will probably be able
to better stand up for my view.

... Or you may realize that what you're asking for is simply virtually
impossible to achieve.

ho noo man!
nothing prevents me from making an email client editor to wrap the text
as I wish, and I do not even need to touch the definition of "email"
not even know it.

With kind regards,

still so
(registered GNU/Linux user #223157)