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Michael Black wrote:

Market share is not equal to popularity. Since a single download of
Linux can be installed on as many computers as the user wants then
passed along to someone else, the standard "market share" concept of
units sold understate Linux popularity.

I think in the context of "free" software, popularity is market share.
If peope aren't using it, then it can't be popular. You're more thinking
of "sales", and yes, the number of distributions bought or sold may
not reflect how much secondary propagation that initial sale does.

Sorry, but "market share" has a very specific definition that deals with

had... that dealt.

Had? How has it changed? As much as you want it to change, it has not.
Only with software is it possible to give away

It is possible to give away any product. As a promotion, a car company can
giveaway a number of free cars... any product can be given away. Another
example is to give away a cellphone to intice people to buy a cellphone
service plan. Your claim is flawed.

This began, I believe, with Stallman's Free Software Foundation.

Nope, it began with the first software that came with the hardware.

For the time being, what you call "browsing 'habits'" seems to be the only
way to determine how many people use Linux on the desktop.

That does not make it an accurate, reliable or desirable number. In many
ways, inaccurate numbers are worse than no numbers at all.

And one out of 200 seems pretty optimist if I look at how many people use
Linux around here.

Personal observations are worse than using browser habits. Using such a
limited perspective just shows how desperate you are.

The figures in Germany, Norway or Portugal must help
quite a bit...

If you'd like to think, as this guy at the Linux Counter, that 142605
registered users equals Twenty-nine million users, you can keep on

I don't make ANY claim about how many desktop users there are because there
is no reliable way for YOU, me or anyone else to determine. If you can't
deal with that, it is your problem. The simple fact is, you have no
accurate information to backup any claim about Linux desktop useage.

But if you check the graph on the homepage(1), you'll see that
the number of Linux users has not increased much since 2002.

Sorry, but that only shows the number of people that registered at that
site, to say that represents "number of Linux users" is a wrong and as
idiotic as your claim that only software can be given away.

The number of
computer users having increased a lot since that time -- nowadays you can
get an Acer comptuter with a LCD screen for around $500 US -- it's very
likely that the percentage of Linux users has decreased a lot.


Only shows people that have REGISTERED at that site, in statistical terms,
it would not be considered an accurate gage of actual Linux use.

as the people at Linux counter points out "Thus, the only way to "know" the
number of Linux users worldwide, is to make a guess,"

But the nice thing is that you have 350 distros for this 0.47% of users.
Isn't it a wonderful development model?

Since Linux counter only represents people that have registered at Linux
counter and not Linux usage as a whole, any claim that it accurately
represents is simply false.

It seems you are quite desperate to bash Linux to make such false claims as
"had..." "Only with software is it possible to give away products." (a
truly idiotic claim). If you do not have accurate numbers to back up your
claim, your claims are meaningless.

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