Re: Mondo Rescue, missing /dev, /proc, /sys

On Sat, 23 Sep 2006 10:47:27 -0400, Some Other Somebody Else staggered
into the Black Sun and said:
Dances With Crows wrote:
[...]Better use the --one-file-system option to tar, then, so you
don't try to back up huge, useless things like /proc/kcore or waste
time traversing the giant /sys dirtree. That means multiple tar
commands if you have more than one partition, of course.
It looks like you have made some assumptions inconsistent with what I
actually said [which involved booting another system to back up a
running system]. For example, /proc will be empty on the system you
are backing up if you are running a live CD, a rescue CD, or

....because booting another system in order to back up a system that's
*already running* sounds like a really stupid and time-consuming idea.
Backups need to be as easy and automated as they can be--and the OP has
a tape drive. A simple cron job involving multiple tar commands could
get every partition without the need to worry about /proc or /sys, or
the need to reboot.

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