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It's over until next time you do something to futz up your system. Take
some time to learn about the boot loader.

Thanks for your reply. I would appreciate advice on where to look in case
I do something stupid again.

My first post explained how to install grub on a disk with multiple
distributions. It also alluded to how to recognize problems caused
by missing kernel modules vs. problems with the loader. The error messages
usually make it clear what is wrong. If nothing happens, then your MBR
may not have been setup. If grub hangs, or issues an error, then grub
needs to be fixed. If the kernel is loaded, but later issues a panic, then
the root filesystem may not be mounted due to a missing kernel module.
Missing kernel modules can be provided by building an initrd. Making
an initrd is distribution specific, but for slackware start with "man

Grub's documentation is very mature at this point. Check the manual here:

You can skim over sections which are not relevent to your situation. The
wikipedia article is a good overview:

There are some simple exercises you can do with grub, too.
Making a grub floppy:

Making a grub bootable CD:

The usual caveats apply to these exercises. You can do great damage to
your system when changing/experimenting with the boot loader, MBR, and
individual partition boot code. Be careful (and have a current backup.)

For another exercise, try installing slackware on a USB stick:

The above post includes an overview of what is necessary to boot. That
thread continues here (with corrections, caveats):

Douglas Mayne