Re: Questions from somebody who has never used Linux

Dan Espen wrote:
"Steve" <Steve.ebay@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

Hi Guys and Guyesses,
As the title says, I have never used Linux before, even though I have
heard good things about it.
My main problem, apart from being a techno-klutz, is that I am scared
to bite the bullet and install Linux from a Ubuntu disk I have
received. For one thing, I don't know if all my accessories like
webcam, bluetooth keyboard etc will still function properly and also
because I hear the Ubuntu version is a bit "weak", whatever that means.
Anyway, to the point of the post.
I have just got hold of a second PC, It's still pretty good spec for
bog standard use with a 3.2 Ghz CPU and a gig of RAM. The only thing it
doesn't do is cure me of being a klutz where PCs are concerned.
What I hope you experienced folk can tell me/show me is ...............
Which version would be best for a novice?
Is there somewhere I can download that version?
Is it possible to download that version, create a bootable disk and
boot the PC so that it installs itself without too much help from me in
the same sort of way that a Windows XP disk would?

Linux installs are just as simple as XP.
Maybe simpler.
If you've done enough Windows installs, you should know that
most times it is easy, sometimes not. Same with Linux.

I have no experience with ubuntu but I hear it's fine.
I've done Mandriva, Fedora, Suse, Red Hat installs.
All the installs are easy.

You should try gentoo one day. I've just wasted half a day going
half thru the installation instructions just to get a message from
that ebuild is not available for anything you can point your finger at.
That's my second and probably last attempt to install gentoo
although the documentation have improved considerably since I
tried to install that distro last year.