Re: 'raw' backup of hard disk (Linux to Windows)

On Mon, 13 Nov 2006 16:38:06 +0100, peter pilsl wrote:

Jules schrieb:
Hi all,

What's the easiest way of backing up a raw (40GB) hard disk image across a
network from a source machine running Linux (Knoppix booted from CD) to a
target machine running XP?

I can't use 'dd' (raw block input, output to file on SMB share) as I hit
the 2GB file size limit in Linux. (Which also begs the question of whether
there's a similar size limit in XP using NTFS? Google helpfully gives all
sorts of answers for NTFS - 2GB, 4GB, 2TB, and no limit whatsoever)

(apologies for crosspost - I'm not sure how much Linux knowledge there is
in the 24hoursupport group!)

i) boot rescue-CD (knoppix in your case)
ii) mount the windows-share on your rescue-linux

iii a) use dd and split to avoid the 2GB-Limit

dd if=/dev/hda | split -b 2000m - backup.

aha - I can't remember the last time I used split, but it was many many
years ago; I've always had it stuck in my head that it was ASCII-only
(i.e. 7-bit), but I see nothing mentioned in the Linux man page about that

you can add a compression like gzip to the chain if you like and
networkspeed/filesize is an issue.

Yep - I think I'm sorted now as g4u seems to have sorted me out; that uses
compression and the 40GB image came out as 22GB on the remote end.

iii b) mount the harddisk to backup and use tar together with split to
copy the files only. This is much for flexible if you need to restore
the data to a different harddisk in the future. Tar can handle
devices,symlinks, sockets ...

Unfortunately this is on a Dell laptop, which means that it has a couple
of Dell proprietary filesystems on it containing system restore data; I
really wanted to back those up too. Quite why Dell don't just give people
an OS CD and a CD with their own utilities on, rather than wasting 10% of
your hard disk space without asking you first, I don't know :-(

If there is a suitable ssh-server for windows you can use rsync as well
to sychronize data. Never used this on windows anyway, but it saves big
backuptime and networkbandwith.

Ahh, I didn't think there was a Windows version around (not that it would
have helped in this case what with the proprietary filesystems I
suppose), although I use it all the time between my desktop PC and
fileserver back home.


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