Re: A newbie - What are differences between Red Hat Linux 9 and Red Hat Enterprise Linux?

Thank everyone here and I think I get more than I expect, although I
cannot understand all of them :-)

I am so sorry, just a quick follow-up question - I have checked Redhat
website, it is said that FC is for programmers, and Redhat Enterprise
is for business. I think others you guys mentioned, like Debian, are
for professional programmer? I would like user interface and
concentrate on learning some commands, not development or

Since I am a business student, I would like to learn the right version
which can be used in future (Maybe). So what I learn from FC, e.g.
commands and programming, can be applied in Enterprise, right? If FC is
totally different from Enterprise used in commercial world, is there
any others?

Thank you so much! Sorry to bother you!

A helpless person who wants to learn Linux - Fei

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Amadeus W.M. wrote:

One thing that I find most annoying is that FC/RH seem to go to great
extents to hide the shell under layers of menus upon menus, on top of more
menus, all different from one release to another. Seems their notion of
user friendly amounts to hiding the shell. If MS does it, why won't FC?
Or is it the gnome people? That, and the top panel in gnome drives me
crazy with each install. But's just me being picky.

Never having used RH, I can't really comment on that, but I do know
that the gnome configuration seems to change with every release. It
also seems to be less friendly in that regard with each release. Soon
gnome will become useless at this rate.

Happy to use my Debian ;-)

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