Re: A newbie - What are differences between Red Hat Linux 9 and Red Hat Enterprise Linux?

Marten Kemp wrote (in part):
W Paul Mills wrote:

Fei wrote:
Thank everyone here and I think I get more than I expect, although I
cannot understand all of them :-)

I am so sorry, just a quick follow-up question - I have checked
Redhat website, it is said that FC is for programmers, and Redhat
Enterprise is for business. I think others you guys mentioned, like
Debian, are for professional programmer? I would like user interface
and concentrate on learning some commands, not development or

Since I am a business student, I would like to learn the right
version which can be used in future (Maybe). So what I learn from FC,
e.g. commands and programming, can be applied in Enterprise, right?
If FC is totally different from Enterprise used in commercial world,
is there any others?

Thank you so much! Sorry to bother you!

A helpless person who wants to learn Linux - Fei
RH is saying FC is for programmers to encourage you to buy RH.

Debian has a reputation of being hard for newbies, but not sure that it
is deserved. And it's not just for programmers. Debian is very much a
group project with many "developers." Debian has high standards for
"freedom." It may be a bit harder to install initially, but tends to be
easy to maintain.

No bother, as am unemployed, caught in middle of a contract dispute.

In my limited experience (a relative newcomer currently running Debian,
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4, Red Hat Fedora 5(?) and SuSE 10.1 on a
miscellaneous collection of machines) all three seem to load easily and
run pretty well but:

a) RHEL is set up as an Enterprise server with all the security locked
down pretty tightly, plus its package manager (I forget the name) is
totally ignorant of dependencies. I'm currently using it for my
intranet's webserver but I'm building a Debian replacement.

Security is locked down tightly in RHEL4, but not so much in RHEL3. And this
only if you allow the high security option (which I did not) on
installation. The package manager (up2date and RPM) handles dependencies
perfectly well. I have never had any trouble with it.

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